Premium Beauty Brands, managed by Gloria Massaro-­Conrad and Silvia Philipp, is specialized in distributing niche brands, especially beauty and perfume brands positioned in the premium and selective market segments. Gloria has a longstanding experience in the luxury beauty sector, since she worked for considerable brands at LVMH Germany. Complementary to this Silvia has worked in the marketing field – but in the very same sector. Running her own advertising agency allowed her to get to know the structures of the industry very well and is one reason for the quality of contacts Premium Beauty Brands has established with selected perfumeries, concept stores, luxury department stores and online stores. All of them are specialized in high quality niche products.


Constant and very personal customer care is indispensable for a confident, successful partnership and distinguishes Premium Beauty Brand’s work ethic. The main services apply to business development and sales activities for new brands which want to launch in the mentioned markets. Those services include consulting to obtain a market overview, developing distribution strategies and creating detailed launch plans. Premium Beauty Brands focusses on the German-speaking market but also operates internationally. For the specific market needs, translations and adaptions of all marketing materials, brand presentations and descriptions can be provided by the in-house advertising agency as well as design works if requested.





Under the philosophy to generate sustainable growth for our customers in new markets, we offer a “full-service” collaborating with specialized agencies.



Goldstück Communications, www.agentur.goldstueck.com/pr-und-marketing



Philipp Seine Helden, www.heldenkg.com


Training & POS Support:

Smart Beauty Conzept, www.smartbeautyconzept.de



High-End Retailer – Luxury Department Stores – Concept Stores


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