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Luxurious scents and social consciousness – Sana Jardin is the world’s first fragrance house created primarily as a vehicle for social change. Starting with female flower harvesters in Morocco, who hand pick floral ingredients, Sana Jardin supports social impact and the economic empowerment of women through The Beyond Sustainability™ Movement. Founded by Amy Christiansen Si-Ahmed, Sana Jardin was awarded with the Eco Beauty Award at the CEW Beauty Awards 2018 for their socially-conscious approach to perfumery.


Inspiring, fascinating and versatile – created by renowned IFF Master perfumer Carlos Benaim, all seven eau de parfums spread nature’s most exotic scents. They seduce and give the wearer a role in the cycle of change. Empowering all women in its circle, from harvester to consumer.


Smile Makers aims to right the wrongs of  unpleasant experiences when shopping for sexual wellbeing products and is a breath of fresh air in an industry full of tasteless, offensive and unappealing sexual wellbeing products that still don’t seem to address the opinions, needs or desires of women.


The idea was simple – a trusted and open adviser for sexual awareness and education with the best product experience, a brand that women love and sold in everyday environments where women love to shop already, never in sex shops.

Diana Vreeland
Smile Makers
Feret Parfumeur

Founded in 1865, Féret Freres is a long-established manufacturer and former distributor of French and international beauty products. In the 1970s, after the death of Monsieur Féret, the focus was laid on the distribution of its own brands: Hyalomiel and Bloc Hyalin – Well-known skin care brands that create the perfect balance between the past and the present of the Féret family.


Combining a veritable heritage of old advertising, publicity material and original packaging with products of highest standards drives Alexis Cabanne, great-great-grandson of the founders, to reinvent the brand by staying true to its identity.

Sophie by Sophie

From an early age, Swedish born Sophie Gyllenhammar found amusement in precious stones. Treasure hunting her grandmother’s eccentric jewellery collection sparked a lifelong love story. So SOPHIE by SOPHIE was founded in 2006.


The contemporary jewellery line is all about playfulness and unexpected combinations. Softness meets roughness, classic meets modern. Reoccurring symbols of love, peace, hope and faith are daily reminders of timeless truths in a fast moving world. In her designs, Sophie combines classic and contemporary with her own personal unmistakable touch, describing it as „Luxury with a twist!“ herself. Her signature flair for contrast has earned Sophie a diverse clientele of international fashion icons, royalties and modern women of all ages.

Sol de Janeiro